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  • About Us

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  • A team of risk-takers, believers and doers

    MyCleverHub helps entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business, or wanting to grow their start-up by providing an environment of creativity, challenge and innovation. It takes more than a good idea to be noticed, let alone chosen by customers and investors.


    A promising venture requires compelling vision to stand out from competition and the right people to nurture and translate it into success. We invest energy and expertise to build strategic brands and disruptive products for start-ups seeking to use business as a force for good.

  • How It Began

    Having our CEO, Gareth Mobley’s good and bad experiences of investing into start-ups, we were able to harness and utilise what it takes and what essential ingredients new businesses need to bring success, rather than failure. So MyCleverHub was born to properly support local entrepreneurs from across our area.


    We have built a team of in-house experts and support partners to share and alleviate some of the stresses and ensure success runs through our entrepreneurs’ businesses. MyCleverHub will host up to 16 new entrepreneurs and start-ups in our state-of-the-art facility in Festival Park.

  • We offer our cohorts an unrivalled platform on Festival Park

    MyCleverHub is housed inside 10,000 sqft of newly refurbished ‘Grade A’ office space owned by our founder Gareth Mobley. A creative, co-working space with multiple meeting rooms, the latest presentation technology, ultra-fast Wi-Fi plus much more.


    The environment is one of collaboration and mentorship where entrepreneurs have access to a multitude of resources as well as peer to peer feedback; a superb space where people can grow their business whilst minimising their risk.