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  • MyCleverHub offers both an Entrepreneur Incubator and Accelerator programme.

    The purpose of both is to provide guidance to start-ups as well as advancing each entrepreneur’s business model and strategy.

    • 1.


      Incubators support start-ups entering the very first stages of building their company. The start-up has an idea to bring to the marketplace but lacks a proper business model or direction to move from concept to reality.


      It is likely, the company hasn’t even been setup yet. By providing a ‘Grade A’ cooperative working environment the Incubator programme is a catalyst to early business success.

    • 2.


      Accelerators move things along and advance the growth of existing companies with a business already formed, a plan and model already in place. Our Accelerator would help to build upon the start-up’s early foundations to move the business forward and prepare the business for scale.


      We would assist with potential funding requirements, premises acquisition and the introduction to external influencers and/or investors where more appropriate to accelerate growth.

  • We want to offer local entrepreneurs a world class platform to start up, support & grow their business.

    • We believe there are at least three types of entrepreneurs that we can help –


      1. People currently working ‘in’ a business but with their own idea
      2. People coming out of education that want to start their own business
      3. People that have already started their own business but are in the very early stages of growth or formation
    • Starting a business is tough and it’s often a daunting task just to get started.


      Entrepreneurs entering the start-up arena are exposed to a completely new business vernacular; unless these brave souls have a background in finance, they may find themselves lost in conversation with people they don’t even know.


      That’s where we come in.

  • we offer an environment of creativity, innovation & challenge

    In addition to accessing our facility on Festival Park, MyCleverHub will offer up to 16 Entrepreneurs the following:

    • Environment
    • Support
    • Finance
    • Time Scales
      • Creative ‘Grade A’ co-working environment
      • Meeting and breakout room facilities
      • On-site CCTV
      • Printing facilities*
      • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi*
      • Work station
      • Rent free / no infrastructure cost to the business*
      • Use of premises as registered business address
      • Brand creation and marketing support
      • Business formation
      • Business plan and pitch deck assistance 
      • Dedicated network of business partners
      • Financial planning
      • Governance
      • Mentoring
      • Networking events
    • MyCleverHub is likely to be the first external investor for some of these start-up businesses and in most cases will provide the entrepreneurs with exposure to the requirements of external investors.

      • Access to finance for successful applicants with internal funding in place
      • Access to external fund raising where required
      • EIS and SEIS application support
    • All stays will be subject to regular progress checks and dependent upon achieving agreed key milestones to demonstrate commitment to the process.

      Incubators will generally benefit from a rent free stay of up to 18 months in the Hub (unless mutually agreed extensions are required).

      Accelerators will usually be a much shorter stay, but still rent free, and occupation length will be agreed mutually on a case by case basis depending on their own premise requirements.

  • We are here for you, but What’s in it for us?

    • We will charge nothing for rent, rates, utilities or our support.


      In exchange for that, we will require an equity stake determined by the level of support the business requires.


      This way we are all aligned to the progress and success of the businesses.

    • By leveraging the entrepreneur’s ideas and the MyCleverHub teams proven track record, the entrepreneur’s risk is lowered and they are more likely to achieve success in a far shorter period of time.

  • we are perfectly aligned with our Entrepreneurs.

    By merging together new businesses with the broad range of experience, connections and skills that the we can offer we aim to achieve excellent outcomes.

    • Own Site
    • Growth
    • Follow-on-Funding
    • Exit/Acquisitions
    • Private Equity
    • When the time is right we will help our entrepreneurs find their own suitable premises using our Commercial Estate Agency partner and help to protect the business during the legal process.

    • We have ‘hands on’ operational experience from growing our own businesses, so we will be able to offer help and support as the businesses scale up.

    • We will assist with additional fundraising to fuel further growth where required. We can help maximise the impact of additional funding and help to guard against pitfalls such as over leveraging and equity release.

    • The Executive team at MyCleverGroup have been directly involved in acquisitions, distressed sales, partial shareholder exits and full shareholder exits to overseas acquirers.

    • The team have raised private equity investment through a controlled process, and gone on to achieve a 3.5x return on money for the investors. The team understand what private equity will look for before investing (governance) and what their expectations will be along the journey.

  • *Subject to Fair Use policy